Warwick House

This rustic and cozy cabin has called Cambria its home since 1925. Being nestled in the woods, with a partial view of the ocean, provides the best of land and sea views. The couple purchased the home after a “love at first sight” reaction. The cabin had been abandoned and bank owned for three years. It simply needed a great deal of repair regardless of its surface charm. The electrical throughout the house was sketchy at best, there was no heating system in place, and the water heater was not hooked up nor properly housed to code. The existing kitchen cabinetry was falling apart at the seams from mold and the floors were in need of repair. With its dark brown and peach colored walls throughout, it was the perfect setting for spiders, termites and wood-boring beetles. First items on the agenda were getting the electricity and gas up and running. New lighting in the kitchen and living areas were installed and a new kitchen design was drawn up and implemented. The windows and doors are original to the house and so are the two stone fireplaces which the owners felt should remain. The fireplaces, one in the living room and the other in the master bedroom, became the new heat sources by adding gas fireplace inserts that blow hot air throughout the cabin. Skylights were added to provide additional light and views. Jute carpeting was installed in the master and guest bedrooms and the wood floors were repaired and re-finished in areas. The two bathrooms are still a work in progress. It is a much loved home that accommodates family and friends.